February 14, 2012

Microsoft India Store hacked, Passwords Leaked

Software major Microsoft's online store in India has been hacked and the users' passwords have been leaked. The Company said on Monday that it was trying to restore the access as soon as possible.

Microsoft in a statement on Monday said that the store customers have been sent guidance on the issue. The user names and passwords have been exposed to the hackers and the users were advised to change their passwords immediately. However, the financial information of the customers was not leaked.

The cyber attack was reportedly carried out by a Chinese group called "Evil Shadow Team". The store was attacked over the weekend. The hackers posted a message saying the unsafe system will be baptized.

The hackers changed the main page of the store and posted an image of China's flag on it. The group said "We are not famous, we know that there are other experts among us, people who are even better,"

The site was still down on Monday. The company said that it was "investigating a limited compromise of the company's online store in India".

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