February 14, 2012

The Significance of Valentine's Day

Although Valentine's Day is believed to have its origin in Rome with St. Valentine, today it has turned into a universal celebration across the world irrespective of culture and religion.

We find divergent views with regard to the significance of Valentine’s Day. But, the most popular and recognized outlook attached to it is the saga of St. Valentine.

The Legend - Long ago, in the third century, during the reign of   Emperor Claudius II in Rome, in an intention to build the strongest army troop, the Emperor banned marriage, as he was of the view that his armies would be most effective if they are free from the bondage of marriage.

But this was a clear instance of natural injustice and hence nobody was happy with this. The first person to protest secretly against this tyranny was Saint Valentine. He started to wed young lovers in secret. When he was discovered, the Emperor sentenced Valentine to death and had him imprisoned.

While in prison, Valentine is said to have fallen in love with the jailer's daughter, who visited him regularly during his imprisonment. The climax of this affair was much emotional. Valentine affirmed his love in his last letter to his beloved, before his execution and endorsed it, "From your Valentine.”

This expression became the slogan and today also lovers do use the identical tag. It is believed that Valentine's Day came to be celebrated on the day St. Valentine was put to death i.e. 14th February, in commemoration of his efforts to unite people who are in love.

Although these days, people believe that Valentine’s Day is another medium to convey your feelings to anybody you love, including family members, youngsters and elders, the mostly practiced notion for thee is to propose to one’s valentine, that is the beautiful lady in your life whom you love.

Breaking News Online wishes all our loving readers a colorful Valentine’s Day today on 14th February 12. We also wish their love come true.

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