January 3, 2012

Do Modern Women consider Erring Men as Foot Mats?

The fight between genders is not new and fresh. For centuries, men are ruling over women and treating them unequal and disparate. Earlier, the society was not ready to accept women as the leaders in any field and limited them to the household.

Even now also women often work more than men, yet are paid less.  Gender discrimination affects girls and women throughout their lifetime.

Though, now the scenario has been changed. Women are standing and fighting to get an equal status and opportunity in this male governing society. They know how to rule the society with their own efforts. Women in the 21st century may boast that they are truly independent and self-sufficient and don’t need the support of men. They are no longer depending on men to dictate the direction of their lives.

The transformation from women to modern women changed the whole set-up of the society. Modern women are treating men like men treated women before. When our aged society declared men as God, women are proving themselves to be the Goddesses, who know how to demolish the nuisance of men.

Today women are well-educated and aware of their rights. They are doing good jobs, earning money and doing things better than their male counterparts in every field. No doubt because of the awareness in women, men have begun to feel very timid and insecure.

Modern women are considering those men as foot mats who forget the real meaning of ‘women.’ The reason to consider some men as foot mats is straightforward and simple.

They just want to eradicate a misconception of men that women are inferior to them.  In the same time, the women respect and revere the men who know how to treat the fairer sex with dignity.

They don’t need and care for those men who think women can’t survive without their support and hold. Such men are just like foot mats on which woman just swabs her dirty shoes.

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