January 3, 2012

Congress Leader seeks place at Sonia's Feet

Sycophancy is not new to the Indian politics. The leading newspaper The Hindu displayed a classic example of buttering and loyalty of a Congress leader, who always wants to remain at his high command Sonia Gandhi's feet.

The item was published in the newspaper on New Year in the form of a full page jacket advertisement by the Congress leader H Vasanthakumar wishing Sonia Gandhi a happy new year.

The way the Congress leader showed his loyalty, is definitely praiseworthy as he dared to reveal his feelings towards his party high command without caring for any media criticism.

The ad says, "We remain, Madamji, ever at your feet". Sonia is often addressed as Madamji in the party. The ad clearly showed that Vasanthakumar is a true loyal to Mrs Gandhi, who always wants to remain at her feet.

Vasanthakumar is a Tamil Nadu politician. He owns a television channel ‘Vasanth TV’, which focuses on the Congress party and its achievements. His ad is said to be inspired by the famous story of loyalty i.e. the relations between Lord Ram and Hanuman.

The ad focused the loyalty shown by Hanuman to Lord Ram. When Ram asked Hanuman after his coronation in Ayodhya to give him reward, Hanuman replied: "let me remain ever at your feet". Here the Congress leader identified himself as Hanuman, who always wants to remain at his Lord/Goddess Sonia Gandhi's feet.

The ad should not seem odd to people as no politician could ever survive in the party without sycophancy. The party workers have been doing the same for the years. But this is for the first time, the loyalty was revealed the way someone used to express his love towards his beloved publicly saying "I love you". The medium may be the ad or the speech, but loyalty is there.

The ad featured a smiling Vasanthakumar with folded hands beside a larger image of the Congress President waving at the camera saying: "We remain, Madamji, ever at your feet".

The ad created a buzz on the internet. Many criticised the leader saying he tried to restore the favour of Sonia Gandhi after his defeat in the previous election. Vasanthakumar had lost to A Narayanan of SMK by a margin of 12,280 votes in Nanguneri assembly segment in Tirunelveli district in 2011. He was stated to be the richest candidate in the polls.

He was first elected to the Tamil Nadu Assembly from the Nanguneri constituency in the 2006. His channel was launched by Mrs Gandhi in May 2008.

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