January 2, 2012

Facebook responsible for 1/3rd Divorces in 2011

Popular social networking site Facebook, which provides a platform for people to stay connected with friends, has been blamed for one-third divorces across the world in 2011.

Law firm Divorce-Online claimed that the social networking site Facebook has been the source of the evidence for the courts in the recent days. The law firm accused Facebook of unreasonable behaviours as 33 percent petitions have been filed for the flirty messages and photos.

Facebook has been serving as the best platform for all age groups providing them to stay connected for marketing, advertising and campaign. Meanwhile, it is also allowing people to flirt with opposite sex.

The Law firm said that people used to spend a lot of time on Facebook. Most of them want to flirt with the opposite sex and Facebook is the best place for online dating.

Now, the users should be careful while posting something on their walls as the courts are reviewing the posts of users related to the divorce cases. The report was first published in Times of India.

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