December 2, 2011

Why This... Kolaveri... Kolaveri... Kolaveri D

The recent online rage Kolaveri D, has endorsed its meaning through trending hits on web. Yes, the meaning of ‘Kolaveri’ is ‘a murderous rage’. Tamil star Dhanush wants to ask…why this…Kolaveri D…. with his creative adorable lyrics.

‘Kolaveri D’ was officially released on 16th November 2011, and it immediately became viral on web for its original, unusual, unconventional and eccentric lyrics. The lyric seems to be the spontaneous outflow of a frustrated heart, as Dhanush composed the lyrics just in 20 minutes.

‘Kolaveri’ is reportedly a slang that is mostly used by Tamil youths in case of a rejection especially in a love-failure. And now the word has been poured blessing to the makers of this song, bringing laurels to the Tamil Film Industry.

The innovative language that has been used in this song is ‘Tanglish’, a fusion of Tamil and English. The experiment clicked and ‘Kolaveri D’ is the top searched tag in You Tube video since its release.

Dhanush has been awarded for his innocence through this song. After such a big buzz he calmly confesses that ‘Kolaveri’ is a song for the common man. One does not need to have a tough singing aptitude to hum the song. “My voice is full of mistakes which have been widely loved by all” he admits.

‘Kolaveri’ has been composed by a 21 year green horn Anirudh Ravichander, which is his first ever composition for a Tamil film that has got the entire surfers dancing to its beats in India and abroad.

After all, magic of Rajinikant has found its grip for another generation. I mean the singer is Dhanush, son–in–law of Rajinikanth and it is made for the film ‘3’, directed by Rajini’s daughter Aishwarya. Shruti Hasan, daughter of actor Kamal Hasan is acting opposite Dhanush in the film.

The track has been prepared using some original south Indian instruments like 'Thavil' and 'Nadhaswaram' along with the western instruments. This factor also adds to the harmony of ‘Kolaveri’.

‘Kolaveri D’ is a rare event. The innovative style has caught fire for reasons unknown. But it is sure that it heels, it relaxes and of course is the greatest hit of today.

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