December 2, 2011

Can Animals forecast Natural Calamities?

There have been many reports of animals performing bizarrely shortly before any natural calamity occurs. This has caused researchers to speculate whether animals can provide forewarnings to future disasters.

Wild animals in particular need to have excellent senses of smell, sight, hearing and even the ability to sense minute vibrations, because those senses help them survive.

According to researchers, many animals and creatures may be hear infrasound, — sounds produced by natural phenomena, including earthquakes, volcanoes, and storms, that are out of earshot to the human ear. They know few days in advance before it will rain, natural disaster like earthquake, tsunami and so on.

Though, it is not necessary that animals have more senses than human, but they have much higher kindliness. Animals may sense unusual vibrations or changes in air pressure coming from one direction suggest they should move in opposite direction.

Witnesses report wild animals such as elephants and monkeys moving towards higher ground as well as anxiety and distress in cattle, dogs and other domestic animals.

Some animals are super-sensitive to touch, vibrations, sounds, magnetic fields, temperature, etc. It seems they have sensory organs that detect micro-tremors and changes that man cannot monitor.

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