December 20, 2011

Why Men love Aggressive and Dominating Women?

Undoubtedly our society is male dominating, but there are many men who love to control by an aggressive and dominating women. Though such types of women are not the first choice but still many men prefer dictating and controlling by women.

The reason behind their craze for aggressive and dominant women is that, they are looking for that side of women, which is strong, dominant, aggressive and attractive. Men love dominant women because they correlate it with love and lure.

If a man is shy, he could get fascinated to antagonistic and overriding women because he wouldn’t feel rejected as much as he would feel craved.

Real "dominant women" will simply be more confrontational, uncontrollable, and more encouraging and this is what many men actually want. Aggressive behavior in women is often staking contend to space and uniqueness rather than creating difference of opinion.

No doubt, today Woman is the highest form of life and that man belongs at her feet as her obedient slave. Many men love to be treated like women possess them. Their obsession towards strong women is a big turn on for them. They are attracted towards such women who know how to rule over them.

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