December 21, 2011

Why Bhubaneswar should have KFC and McDonald?

The increasing demand for the international brands like Pizza Hut, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and McDonald in a small city like Bhubaneswar suggests that Odisha state capital is not far behind the western influence.

The state capital has been the most preferred place for big businessmen, professionals and students in the recent days. People demand for the brands when it comes to take food outside home.

As the junk food is the first choice for everyone in the modern and hectic life style, the opening up of KFC (Kentucky fried chicken) KFC, Costa Coffee and McDonald is essential.

The junk foods have attracted all age groups of people including students and professionals to enjoy with friends and families outside the homes during weekend. Even the working people used to prefer Pizzas, burger, sandwiches and roasted chicken during working days.

However, there is no unit of McDonald or KFC in Bhubaneswar. Even though, Pizza Hut and Cafe Coffee Day are providing their services to people, but other branded establishments are also on demand.

The investors are also eying to come up with a huge investment in the state capital in the coming days. The recent development and demand show that Odias are also following the western cuisine and tastes. The term globalisation has been truly justified if we will analyse the current trend and choice of people.

The inter-cultural wave has touched almost all the countries. But the wave may have some negative impact in the coming days as the present and upcoming generations will forget their culture and country cuisine in the name of development.

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