November 28, 2011

How to get rid of Manipulative People

Many times people feel that they are getting in such circumstances, which is against their will but if they don’t object, others get chance to manipulate them.

Manipulative people often resort to taking slow and sturdy control over the executive power. When people are in fear, they usually manipulate and try to control others to hide their weak points and to make their influence on others.

The common mannerism of manipulators is their irritating behavior of hurting others badly and to manipulate the others into doing what they want. Anyone can be manipulative a Boss, a family member or a friend in their own ways.

Manipulation exists, because it works. The only way to get rid of a manipulator is to disable the diplomacy and strategies of manipulative person. When they try to control the decision-making power, the person should raise his/her voice and start accepting what he/she actually desire.

However it is very important to stop manipulated by others and for this one should learn to say ‘NO’ and trust their own senses without depending on others. By knowing themselves, and becoming aware of one’s fears and desires, will convert them into a difficult target for manipulators.

Many times the sugar traps set by a manipulating person are so faultless that one might repudiate to believe that there is a problem. If one is careful enough to think and understand, then they might clearly see the truth.

Many people might face some counterattack when they start showing that they want controls their own life. To avoid being a target of manipulative person, one should be firm and accentuate with self-assurance that they are their own boss. One should always remember. “The only person who can really control your life is you yourself.”

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