July 13, 2012

Survey : Eating with Ex-Partner can lead to Jealousy

‘Meals can be more than just meals’. Eating with Ex-Partner can bring jealousy to the current one – suggested a new study. The article was published in the open access journal PLoS ONE on July 11.

The study offers that sharing a meal with a former romantic partner is more likely to make the current partner jealous as compared to any non-food-related activities.

In this connection the researchers wanted to know from the subjects about how jealous they would be if their romantic partner were engaged with an ex-partner in a meal, of course with food and drinks. The answer was merely positive. Most of them answered that the event will lead them to jealousy.

Kevin Kniffin of Cornell University along with his team of researchers went on to ask some undergraduate students to rate their jealousy if their current partners will be contracted by someone else for a lunch or dinner.

They found that a meal brought forth the highest jealousy ratings as compared to others, potentially pointing to the importance of meals for human relationships and intimacy. Also, the rating was almost same in case of both the genders.

Hence, finally the author of the study was of the opinion that – In our society it comes under both fashion and tradition to invite someone for a lunch or dinner. Normally the co-eating of the food stuff is prevalent among co-workers, family members, and friends. But interesting thing to be noted over there is that eating together has importance more than just nutritional factors.

Interestingly, on the verge of Stumbling upon creative ideas for business, a matchmaking service named ‘It’s Just Lunch” comes up with the same idea to attract its potential subscribers as it feels that lunch provides a non-threatening environment to meet an unfamiliar person who shares interest to develop a romantic relationship.

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