July 3, 2012

Remove Negative Cartoons against Politicians, says Panel

A committee appointed by the government reviewing NCERT's political science textbooks for schools has recommended saying the cartoons with negative references to politicians and bureaucrats should be removed from the textbooks. 

The panel found that current textbooks carry too many cartoons of the Nehru-Gandhi family. Such cartoons should be removed from the text books. It recommended the removal or modification of 36 of 176 cartoons in textbooks for classes 9-12.  

The six-member committee headed by former UGC chairman SK Thorat was set up by the HRD ministry last month after a cartoon sketch of Dr BR Ambedkar in a school text book created an uproar in Parliament.

The panel's recommendation has been sent to the NCERT after examining cartoons, illustrations and other contents in political science and social science text books.

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