March 5, 2012

I am a Woman, No Less than a Man (Own Musings)

Women have a very imperative and important role to play in the society. No matter if it’s mother, daughter, sister, wife or daughter in law, she always remains undemanding, lenient and tolerant.

But, I sometimes really feel sorry sight to see her in this plight. She suffers the most yet the responsibility to keep everyone happy, without even caring for her happiness. Men always have so many expectations from women without even understanding women’s expectations from them. They always want perfect women, no matter if they themselves do not deserve.

However, women are capable to give a stiff competition to men in many fields. In multi tasking, doing outside and household chores, managing accounts, looking after children and family, women are better than men without a doubt.

Generally we tend to criticize or praise other people. Seldom, I get a chance to express my own qualities as a woman from my own perspectives. Certainly, I always have swollen with pride being a woman. It is a proud feeling to be a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend and a mother.

In our society, I have also seen people giving importance to their male child than to females. The conception behind this is- a boy keep the name of his family and so is why he is important.

But being a woman I always have enough confidence that I am a woman who is no less than any man. I can do many things far better than any man. I feel honored and privileged when I am appreciated and cherished in work and household chores.

I believe women are the best part of universe. These lines are for that every woman who is unaware of her dynamism, significance and I appeal my group to be proud of their survival. I am a proud woman who knows who I am and where I am going.

I know how to smile in the worst situations of my life. I am a strong woman who keeps her dignity and self-respect as the first priority of my life. I am a woman who is not swayed by the opinions of others, but who knows what is right and what is wrong.

I know and I believe in me that I am no less than any man. Men who think women as a pathetic gender must know that where women know how to love and protect, she also know how to raise sword. Where she knows how to make man a tiara of her head, she also knows how to put them under her feet.

However, I am also lucky to always have such men who adore me with dignity, respect and admiration. My father, friends, husband, son and boss always bring the best out of me. I wish every man could realize the power and supremacy of women and look at them with respect and gratitude.

As a woman, I really thank God for giving me such a beautiful life where I am capable of bringing a new life in the world. This is the biggest virtue of any women’s life.

It is high time for every woman to stand up for them and to show the world that you’re not footwear but a crown of man’s head.

I am a woman, I have a voice and I can make a choice. With pride I can say I am the only me that there is. I am no less than any man. None the less, I am me and I am proud of that.

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