January 10, 2012

Mouse or Lion- What Women prefer as Husband?

When it comes to choosing husbands, women are very obvious and particular. It is not just like women want their husbands to act like a mouse in front of them, but they also want them as a lion to protect them in any weird situations.

They need a husband who acts both like Lion and mouse according to the situations.

Husband as a Lion

A healthy woman wants a husband to be as strong as a lion. She desires a man who can make decisions, a man who can protect her, who can look out for the best interests of his loved ones, a man who does the right thing.

A woman likes a man with headship ability just like a lion. She enjoys brave men who at times do what she wants. There is nothing paradoxical here, if you think about it carefully. No woman wants a follower, except very few. Women like to be led and not lead their man.

Husband as a Mouse

Many times a woman wants her men to act like a mouse in front of her. No woman likes her man to overrule and disregard her any wish. She wants a man for whom her wish is command.

There are a number of ways a husband can show respect to his wife. To begin with, respecting wife means not trying to change or manipulate her, but rather honoring her needs, wishes, values, and rights.

When wives are not respected they feel insecure and lose their sense of self. That is why it is so vital for husbands to take special care of wife’s need for respect. Husband as a mouse does not mean that he acts like a dumb and quiet character. But it means he should not argue and mess when she is in bad mood.

Women are fascinated by aloof, independent, dominant men, because they fantasize that they will be the one who’ll bring his sensitive, caring side out. Around others, he may be a jerk, but to her he’ll be able to put across his fostering side.

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