January 20, 2012

Loyalty Test Winner: Man or Woman?

Nobody is perfect, neither men nor women. A relationship based on trust and mutual respect is the superlative thing to have. Loyalty and constancy are two sides of the same coin.

If one side is missing, the relationship is incomplete. Trepidation and suspicion can prove distressing for relationships. Having said this it is equally important to know that your partner is faithful to you and will not cheat on you.

Neither gender is more loyal at anything than the other. This is because they are both just as proficient of not being loyal as they are to being loyal. Every person has different perceptive either men or women, we can’t judge if a person is loyal or not.

A loyalty test is a simple way to see if your partner is cheating on you in the wake of your back. It’s a benchmark to test how true your bond is.

The man and woman - there is a pair, but it is impossible to live in synchronization with a person who is not your half. By taking this test and answering as honestly as possible to the questions as a couple, you will find out your compatibility level.

According to a statistics, from the age of 17-21, at least 70 percent of boys cheat. In the same category, 30 percent girls have cheating hearts. In the age group of 21-36, at least 75 percent men, despite being in steady relationships, indulge in affairs; women in this age group account for 35 percent of illegitimate relationships.

This static shows the neither of the genders are fully trustworthy in their relationships. Basically there is no couple without conflicts (bigger or smaller). But still if the comparison has to be made, men are less loyal as compare to women according to the statistics.

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