January 21, 2012

Igniting the Fire within a Woman

Every woman has a fire inside her and igniting the fire inside is not as complex as it gives the impression. The fire of anger, the fire of deep love, the sensuous fire, everything is inside every woman.

The fire of love is to be ignited by men in women. Women notice many things in men. Women like men who are confident in his abilities and can take care of himself. They want their men to listen to them when they want to say everything in their heart.

They also appreciate an array of skills in men ranging from complex ones that show off masculinity to the emotional ones which indicate a guy's softer side.

The five ways to ignite fire within a woman are mention below:

Make her feel Special

For women, showing love and care is very important. A man can make his woman feel special by greeting her with a smile, giving her red rose etc.

Giving her Surprises

Women love bolt from the blues, to make her happy, keep surprising her occasionally, whether it is with tickets of latest movies, live concerts, candle light dinner or a long drive.

Keep your eyes for her only

It is very important for a man while dating his woman that he should not stare or look at other women especially when a man is out with his lady. If man says a word of admiration for any other woman, it will not ignite the fire inside woman but can make serious blunder.

Body Language

Almost every women judge men by the way they move and position themselves. Body language plays a vital role in impressing women and ignites the fire within them. It is a part of the superior communication skills to know what a man is thinking or feeling based on men’s body language.

Physical Propensity

It's often said that women go for tall men, and if you're a little height deficient the bad news is that it is, to some extent, true. That's probably because women love those men who give them the healthiest, strongest children, and chiseled jaws and hard bodies signify youth, health and vivacity.

An attractive person is simply one that evolutionary instincts tell us is likely to produce strong, resilient children, and be around to look after them.

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