January 12, 2012

Are Women addicted to Social Networking Sites?

Social networks have changed the ways we interact with each other enormously. While such networks have made people, communities and groups with shared interests stay more “connected.”

Internet addiction and social network addiction in particular also started being recognized as psychological disorders all over the world.

Across each global region, social networking reached a higher percentage of women online than men. In a survey, researchers concludes that women spend more time using social networks than men despite the fact that marginally more men visit social networks whilst online.

Women are addicted to social networking sites more than men. They are more active in using these sites with almost half of female internet users using social networking sites on a typical day (48%), compared with 38% of male internet users.

Even more surprising is the 26 percent of women 18 to 34 who get up in the middle of the night to read text messages and the 21 percent who confessed to checking Facebook during the night. They tend to consume less video overall than men, but show more propensity for “You Tube.”

According to a report of ComScore, “women use social networking sites with an average of 5.5 hours per month compared to men’s four hours, demonstrating the strong engagement that women across the globe share with social sites.”

Not only this but Women spawns a "smaller share of online activity" via mobile, but that's because they are "less likely to own a smart phone or have an unlimited data plan, both key drivers of mobile Internet usage.

The rise of social networking has prompted women of all ages to engage in a host of associated online activities, such as photo sharing, gaming, video viewing and instant messaging.

Terms such as internet addiction disorder, Facebook addiction disorder and social networking sites addiction started to become popular because of the presence of people who overuse these sites.

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