December 9, 2011

Veena Malik - Girl with Sex Appeal

Despite the 100 million damages claim over the nude picture issue, it is obvious that model-cum-actor Veena Malik is the girl with sex appeal.

Veena Malik, the Pakistani model and actor has turned newsmaker for her nude avatar in the December Indian issue of FHM mag. Veena has filed a damage lawsuit claiming the photograph is a photo-shopped one and without her consent.

On the other hand FHM Magazine editor Kabeer Sharma claimed the photographs were authentic and he had a video of the shoot to prove it.

Besides this tussle, we should recall that Veena had appeared in the sensuous reality show Bigg Boss Season 4 in October last year. Months before she has also signed for ‘‘Zindagi 50-50’ to play a sex worker.

Adding to that, the actress is also set to find her dream boy in the forthcoming Indian television reality show, Swayamvar season 4, a serial well criticized to disregard the sanctity of marriage institution.

It is pure nonsense to dwindle a sacred relationship to a thirst for glamour, money and focus. She is taking 3 to 4.5 crores for ‘Swayamvar’.

This year the actor has also appeared in another sensuous tele show ‘Bigg Toss’ where she captained a team against sex bomb Rakhi Sawant.

In nutshell all she wants is cheap fame from sex, porn, nudity and controversy. These clever fox are neither an asset for Pakistan nor for India, who promote socially questioned topics and want to take pleasure in the cream of fame out of this.

Hard truth is that chicks like Veena are too clever to win the game from both the sides. She wants to be the newsmaker overnight by posing nude and equally shows off to prove her chastity before her conservative country. Sorry dear, this is foul game.

Common inference is that if the magazine crews just created a pic out of air, then they could have opted an international star but not a mere actor and model from Pakistan who has hardly earned little fame from Indian reality shows like Bigg Boss 4 or ‘Big Toss’.

The reason is she wants to compete Sunny Leone, the indo-Canadian soft porn actor now in frame as a house mate of Bigg Boss 5. Veena wants to say- forget Canadian wannabes; it’s time for our very own sub continental blue porn star.

The fight is on. Contenders like Veena Malik, Rakhi Sawant are ready to take home notoriety out of nude hulla-bol. Playboys say “who cares, after all we will enjoy”.

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