December 24, 2011

Three Tips for Acing an Interview

During a job interview, it's important to explain what you can do for the company, but it is just as imperative to build trust with the person interviewing you. Here are three ways to align yourself with the interviewer:
  • Mirror body language. Even if you aren't comfortable, portray yourself as poised and friendly. When the interviewer uses open body language -- leaning in toward you or keeping her arms open -- do the same. 
  • Find common interests. Look for ways that the interviewer and you are alike. These may be shared interests or experiences. Ideally they are work-related; for example, you may both have a passion for solving tough problems. 
  • Tell stories with a moral. Every anecdote you tell should have a point. Well-shaped stories with a purpose can convey your most desirable qualities -- loyalty, work ethic, or trustworthiness.

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