December 10, 2011

Discrimination against Trans-genders in the Society

Gender and sex has always been complex issues of our society. There are many factors that are working to make each individual the person they are and there is no one reason that causes people to be transgender.

Transgenders are also a part of society like the common genders. The population of transgenders is about 1.2 million in the country including female-to-male (FTM) transmen, as well as male-to female (MTF) transwomen.

However, our society is very harsh on gender-variant people. They are treated as an “invisible citizens”, so government’s policies and programs hardly ever benefited the community. They must have equal rights of everything in the world that is accessible to all other genders.

They are deprived of various Human rights like, Right to marry, Right to contest in Election, Right to Vote, etc. They are deprived of such rights, only because the law recognizes only two sexes -Male and Female and the transgender being not considered as the third sex.

They are no longer identify with their birth gender, seek changes to their birth certificates, passports and other documents, but often encounter difficulties. The humiliation of transgenders show undoubtedly that gender equality does not exist in reality at all. There is extensive discrimination against transgendered people.

They are neglected by the society and therefore pushed to the extreme as a social out caste and many may end up begging, entreating, dance and even take on themselves as sex workers for endurance. This is by all means of human trafficking.

The life of the transgenders is very challenging as throughout their life they are treated as a humorous commodity and this sometimes cause fretful disorders, depression and other emotional illnesses.

These are not the root of their transgender identity; rather, they are the side effects of society’s prejudice of transgender people.

God has created human beings as equal without any discrimination as to their skill power, will power, grasping power, and intellect. As a human, we should realize that transgenders are also human like us. We should use the same pronoun and name they use to identify themselves.

If society is not accepting transgenders, their mindset should be changed. Transgenders should also be recognized and respected. They should be provided all means for their livelihood and should be treated as the third gender and normal human beings.

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