December 2, 2011

Apple iPads for Lok Sabha MPs

Now all the Mps will be seen with Apple's iPad as the Lok Sabha secretariat has sanctioned Rs.50, 000 for each member to buy the device. The move is an attempt to make the office paperless and the Parliamentarians tech-savvy.

Lok Sabha Secretary General T.K. Vishwanathan said that the Parliament wants its members to use the latest technology to save time and paper. He said that the MPs will be seen with either iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tabs after the significant move.

The Lok Sabha officials used to send daily notices, e-mails, questions and answers and details of the house proceedings to the MPs in a printed format. However, such decision will save the paper used for the communication and the Mps can check all the information through iPads.

The move came as a part of the digital drive after the Lok Sabha reduced the printing of many reports, which were tabled in the House. All the information is being uploaded on the official website to save the time and paper.

The Lok Sabha is also planning to make some areas enabled of Wi-Fi to make the process digital during the sessions so that the members can access the reports and watch the House proceedings live. The Rajya Sabha is already enabled of Wi-Fi in parts.

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