December 22, 2011

10 Christmas Gifts you will cherish Forever

Christmas is not a day just for Christians, as it is truly a day for all mankind. Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year. Where many of us are excited about decorations, cakes and Santa Clause, majority would be eagerly looking forward to their share of Christmas gifts, which are a part and package of this festive juncture.

Christmas giving, which should be the unprompted expression of affection or good will, too often is merely the exchange of commodities, but sometimes it becomes very difficult to choose the appropriate gifts for Christmas.

It is the only times of the year, when you can shower gifts on your near and dear ones and begin your new year with a merry start.

Here are 10 gifts you will cherish forever:

Digital Photo Frames

Photo frame is a wonderful gift you can give in Christmas to your loved ones. There are varieties of photo frames available in the market. You can choose from beautiful vibrant frames to digital ones and present the best one to your family and friends this Christmas.


While gifting outfits especially to females in Christmas, always keep her personality in mind. When selecting lingerie, make sure you buy something that would compliment her, while being of your choice.

For men, if you are experienced with knitting, try to make them at home itself. Otherwise, you can go with those astonishing winter coats with the Cashmere scarves for men.

You can also make baskets for women and fill it up with Perfumes, small trinkets, cosmetics, maybe a few scarves, belts, and clutch bags. For men, fill the basket with X-Box, a few CDs, PC games, electric shaver, etc.


You can gift gadget to your near ones especially who are gadget freaks. IPods, mobile phones, smart phones, are the best incentives you can gift in Christmas. You can gift cameras to your friend who love to capture beautiful moments.

Music/ Movies CDs/DVDs

Gifts like CDs express love, passion and not only that, it can express every single emotion if chosen carefully. You can gift a CD of Christmas jingles and the favorite songs of the person you are giving it. You can also gift DVD or CD of the favorite movies which they cherish forever.

Wrist Watches

Both men and women love to wear watches. Market is flooded with so many brands of watches for both the genders.  You can choose the best wrist watch from the variety of watches accessible in the market.

Slam Book

Slam book is a best medium to know what your friends actually feel for you. You can fill the first page of your thoughts and present it to your friend. You can make it yourself to make your friend

Book of Favorite Author

If your friends or close ones love to read book, you can gift them a book of their favorite author. You can write Christmas wordings with your name on the first page of the book. So whenever your friend opens that book, he/she would remember you and cherish the moments of Christmas forever.

Colorful Mugs

There are different types of mug obtainable in the market. You can get the mug with a Christmas note written on it. You can also add your friend’s picture on a mug. So they will remember you every time they drink coffee or tea in that mug.

Other Gift Items

Gifts items like t-shirts, decoration pieces, sunglasses etc. are some of the ideal gifts you can give any of the gender in Christmas. If in case, you aren't able to make anything, go for elegant Christmas cards along with personal wordings.

Christmas come with lots of happiness and merry. Presenting a gift that will cherish forever, not only make you special but can relish good memories of Christmas.

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