November 17, 2011

Women are more Argumentative than Men

Many men believe that it is impossible to win an argument with women and it is very true to a large extent. For many years it has been the job of women to systematize and converse the restrained things in societies and families.

Argument between genders is common, and women are good in it as they know how to win and handle the men.

The reasons of argument between men and women are different.  In general, when women are upset, they want to be heard. Men, tend to be more accurate and intent. Sometimes, when women are talking, it can sound illogical, but their purpose is just to let off steam. Once that's done, the real issue can begin to be solved.

“NO” is a word, women hate to hear, when she needs or desire something. She knows how to win and prove her correct with the means of arguing. They’re better at expressing themselves emotionally and through words, at playing without rules out the window in order to get the last word. Whereas, men are not that much good in arguing, no matter if they win but the fact is women has more capacity to argue and prove her point than men.

As per the statistics collected they also reached the finale that women have a faster mind as compared to men. She can argue without taking a break and getting tired. The best way to change a woman’s mind is to change her mood and her logic will change accordingly.

As a result, majority of women are far quicker and way better at the so-called “mind-reading” and communicating than most men.

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