November 21, 2011

Self Defence Weapons for Women

Women's security is a big concern in many societies these days. News of rape, kidnapping and eve-teasing has become very common and women fear to venture out alone even in day broadlight.

Women are not safe and there is no one who can provide round-the-clock protection to them. However, some manufacturers have come up with self-defense weapons for women so that they can get through the difficult situations and protect them.

Here are the 5 security weapons women can use to secure themselves:

Personal Alarm

Personal alarm is one of the security weapon, women used for security purpose. If a woman explodes the loud signal prior to the person closing in on woman, it is going to make them think twice about attacking, while signaling anyone in the area for help.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is an irksome merge of cayenne and other hot peppers. When sprayed continuously 2-3 times at an aggressor it cause burning sensation on skin and both the eyes and nose to reluctantly shut, burn, tear and swell. Pepper spray is highly effective in exposing the attacker helpless so that woman can get away and get help.

Stun Gun

A stun gun is an electrical self-defense weapon that utilizes high current to stop an attacker. He feels helpless but the effect of stun gun leaves him permanently safe and sound.

The most effective part of attacker, a woman can attack with the stun gun is upper hip, below the rib cage or the upper shoulders. Three seconds will render most attackers debilitated and allow a woman to escape.


Taser is a special nitrogen gas cartridge enables it to shoot a pair of pointed projectiles at women’s aggressor. Taser will work from up to 15 feet away. When a woman touch a taser on the chest of the attacker , the wires that connect the projectiles send up to a 50,000-volt shock through the attacker, causing spontaneous muscle twinges and exposing him out of action.


Another weapon women can use to protect themselves is Mace. It is a chemical tear gas very similar to pepper spray. Mace has a penchant to disperse into the air, so it is not as effective in some situations so for its effective use, it is advisable to spray it directly on the face of the attackers.

There is no perfect way to defend them other than to be prepared, which includes appearing confident, having an action plan and having the right tools with which to carry it out.

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