November 21, 2011

The Ethnic Attire of Indian Women

The culture in India is assorted, prosperous and very peerless. Everything is different in its own ways. Communication, clothing, eating and living everything is unique in itself.

Even though now people have accepted fresh means of living, improved their lifestyle, their values and beliefs still stay put unscathed.

India has a speckled culture in terms of clothing. Women wear ethnic clothes to beautify and exaggerate their look. Ethnic Wear is perpetual and maintains the soul of Indian culture. The craze of ethnic look in women is eternal.

There are various cultures in India and every culture has their own traditional wear. Indian attires like saree, lehengas and salwar kameez are most common and widely traditional dresses of India culture and wear in different forms in different parts of India.


Saree is the traditional dress of India and adapts in terms of materials, hangings and style with each vastness. The history of saree is 5000 year old and also mentioned in Vedas Fashion.
Saree symbolizes the stability of an age-old tradition that has withstood the blitz of many different cultures, to emerge today as a visible symbol of the resiliency, continuity and timelessness of the Indian way of life. It is one of the most elegant ethic wears adore by every generation.


Lehanga is one of the most dazzling and feminine attire for Indian women. Although lehanga has been popularized all over India, its foundation is traced to be in western India, especially Rajasthan. The Indian Lehenga choli brings out the essence of feminism. Similar to the western skirt and blouse, the ghagra choli's elaborate designs create excitement amongst the fashion alert women. Wearing of lehenga is a fashion with lasting values and rich craftsmanship.

Salwaar Kameez

It is one of the most common ethnic wear which is worn by maximum women and girls. By anecdotal the fabric, color and the level of embroidery and beautification, the salwar-kameez can be formal, casual, dressy, or plain. Women usually wear a long piece of cloth measuring 2.5 meteres and are called a dupatta. The different types of Salwaar kameez that enhance the beauty of women are traditional salwaar kameez, chudidar kameez suit, parallel suit, pajami style suit, indo west fusion, Afghani suit, Patiala salwaar kameez etc.

Indian tradition wear has got worldwide recognition and admiration. In the list of women’s wear, the other most widely used dress items are like lehnga-choli-odhani, salwar kameez, kurti, sharara, garara, lancha, mekhla chadar etc that are most widely wore attires of Indian culture.


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