November 29, 2011

Anna Hazare may find a place in TIME Magazine

Anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare will get international media exposure for his mission as he is expected to find a place on the cover page of the prestigious Time magazine.

Sources said that  a team of photographers from Time had visited Ralegan Siddhi on Saturday. They took some snaps of Anna from different angles at Yadavbaba Temple complex where he lives. It indicates that Anna is going to be an international celebrity once he appears on the cover page of the magazine.

Anna became the second Gandhian after he stormed the national capital launching the anti-corruption movement across India for a strong Lokpal Bill. Since then, he is the inspiration and ideal for millions.

The movement also gained international media coverage and he was termed the second Gandhi of the nation for using non-violence as his chief tool across the country.

Anna also received a huge support for his campaign from outside country including Tokyo and California. He became the hero online and in social networking sites.

A group of Pakistani delegation also had visited the ideal village Ralegan Siddhi and invited the veteran to the neighbouring country to start anti-corruption there.

Recently, Anna's life-like wax statue was displayed at the Celebrity Wax Museum in Lonavala, which indicates his popularity in the country among the mass.

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  1. Instead of sitting on a FAST we would rather go to the public not for a referendum but with a VISIBLE proof that all political parties are alike & none of them will help eradicate corruption (citing the failure of getting the right LOKPAL bill passed).
    Hence urging on the point that only new faces in the Parliament guided by sane & committed persons can get this JAN LOKPAL & other bills like “right to RECALL” passed for public welfare. We should then go to the public seeking support to bring the biggest political revolution by fielding new candidates from all constituencies across India for the 2014 elections with ANNA ji projected as the Prime Ministerial candidate.