September 23, 2011

Forging a Purposeful Future

There are many paths to shaping and implementing a collective ambition. And while there are no formulas there are themes. First and foremost, purpose matters for business enterprises. Purpose is a potent source of employee engagement, of leadership development initiatives, of branding. 

It breeds trust, it can speed decision making by defining boundary conditions more clearly; and it works beautifully as the centerpiece of compelling enterprise wide change efforts. The companies showcased here are ensuring lasting change by viewing it as a systemic process, with robust collective ambitions as compasses along the journey. 

For companies, seeking to become more purpose driven, this is not about implementing a best practice here, a trendy programme there. It is about taking the pause and courage required to ask some tough questions: Why is my company in business? What would the world lose if we were to disappear? Why is this purpose motivational for me? What do I uniquely contribute to this enterprise?

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