February 1, 2013

How to make best use of your time?

Office literally means the place where much of the work is done. It may be the directing headquarters of an enterprise or organisation, or simply the place where a professional or self-employed person conducts professional business.

Do you make best use of your best time?

If No, then you need to keep active your watch and mind too.

Here are questions for you:

Do you know clearly how much of a morning or night person you are?

Do you regularly programme your day so that ‘best time’ is given to the highest grade activities, such as strategic thinking?

Did you know that your manual dexterity – the speed and co-ordination with which you perform complicated tasks with your hands – peaks during the afternoon?

Most of us seem to reach our peak of alertness around noon. Is that true of you?

Did you know that your short-term memory is best in the morning – in fact, about 15% more efficient than at any other time of the day?

As you tend to do best on cognitive tasks – things that require the juggling of words and figures in one’s head – during the morning, do you pay special attention to planning your mornings?

If it is your choice, when would you plan a meeting? The morning, the afternoon, or does it depends on what sort of meeting it is?

A few minutes of reflection will tell you that the quality of your attention or concentration varies at different times.

It’s not enough to be busy. The question is: ‘What are you busy about?”

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