February 20, 2013

Momentum of Joy, Life and Success

The greatest joy in life is in giving, in loving, and in sacrificing. To give we must have abundance in ourselves. We can’t give what we have not. Therefore, first create fullness: good health, good emotions in plenty, great knowledge. Then, give physical help to all; give love and sympathy to those who deserve them; give knowledge to all who need it. Give, to give is life; to take is death.

The present alone is the time when we can work and achieve, gain and gather, give and serve. In the past we can ‘now’ do nothing; in the future, we can ‘now’ accomplish nothing. In the dead moments of the past and in the unborn moments of the future we can never act. These living, dynamic present moments are the only fields to be hammered at, wherein are all the glories of life, all the gains in existence.

Religion only asks us to live in knowledge, in discriminative understanding of things and beings, and of the correct value of life. There is a lot of difference between facing a situation with the never-shattering befooling spectacles of I-ness and My-ness, and facing it in utter dedication to God’s will. When attachment overtsteps its limits, there is danger of pain at every moment. Religion only wants us to understand ourselves and the world around us, and then to correct the relationship between ourselves and the world.

The most intelligent thing is to act as the occasion demands, always truthfully, honestly, without ego, vanity, or boastfulness. Meekly, as the servant of the Great Master, act. Act because we are His servants, and our action is only the accomplishment of His plans. The greater our surrender to His will, the greater will be our intensity of devotion to Him, the more constant our mental remembrance of Him, and the surer our action in parallel with His will. And His will ever works itself out to success.

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