February 14, 2013

How to Manage Your Health?

If you’re not around in five years, your business is going to suffer. Even a few weeks off being avoidably ill is going to involve you in a major waste of productive time.

Depending on the nature of your illness, of course, you may be able to claw back some of this involuntarily committed time – committed to your hospital bed – using it in some constructive way. To give to your work and to others high quality time you must top up your energy levels. We all have to write cheques on our energy. But are you overdrawn? Do you make a practice of paying back the bank – your body, mind and spirit?

I have prepared a small exercise on how do you really manage your energy levels. I request you to think about each question honestly. You just need to put Yes or No.

Ask your colleague, spouse or a good friend to verify your answers. 

Do you get enough sleep? : The norm is eight hours, slightly less as you grow older. You can function on much less, but your creativity is 15% down.

Do you apply common sense to diet? : There is a broad consensus on what is good for us to eat and drink. The golden rule is moderation in all things.

Do you take exercise? : What kind of exercise you takes and when is a personal matter, but are you really taking sufficient exercise?

Do you take holidays? : Don’t spare; don’t drudge. Remember that you can do a full year’s work in 11 months but you cannot do it in 12 months. Do you take and enjoy full holiday time?
Do you allow time for reflection? : It is a good idea to spend some time just meditating in a relaxed way about what you are doing in your work at present, even if it’s only for a few minutes each day.

Why not make an appointment with yourself now in your year planner in about three months time, for a review of how you are getting on?

The wonderful thing is that tomorrow’s 24 hours now await you – untouched and unwasted. You are now in a position to make more effective use of your time, body and spirit. The end result of organizing or managing your health and time properly is that you should be in good order. The end result of being in good order is that you are able to spend your energies, talents and time most effectively on the things that matter to you, and to start linking your daily planning to longer 
term goals and objectives.

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