January 17, 2013

Evolution of a Man

The whole evolution of man has depended on very few people; they can be counted on one’s fingers. The masses have not contributed anything at all. They have been like a dead weight; they have hindered, they have not helped. The crowd mind is always against the new. They crucified Jesus simply because he was so new. The way he was talking nobody had ever talked, the way he was behaving nobody had ever behaved. The mob could not tolerate this man – such a beautiful man, such a lovely person – and the masses decided to crucify him. But that has always been the case; they did the same with Socrates, with Mansoor. Whenever there is a man who brings the new into existence, who becomes a vehicle of the beyond, his life is in danger because the masses feel offended, insulted; their egos are hurt. 

But the strange thing is that these few people who have been killed and murdered and tortured by the people, are the cause of the whole prosperity of humanity, they are the foundation stones of this temple that is still incomplete. Many more sacrifice is needed, many more Jesuses have to be crucified, many more Socrates has to be poisoned and killed.

Man ordinarily lives in darkness. We are born in darkness. In fact darkness is a basic need in the beginning. There is darkness in the mother’s womb. It is needed because light will be a disturbance for the growing child. The child is soft, so tender; it needs velvety darkness around it. And the child sleeps for twenty-four hours a day in the mother’s womb. In those nine months the child is growing so much that there needs to be no disturbance, otherwise energy will be diverted. Everything in the begging grows in darkness. You put the seed in the ground you dig a little bit, and then you put the seed in. If you just throw it on the ground it may not grow because there is too much light there. It needs the womb, the womb of the earth to grow in – there it is dark. Once the seed starts growing it starts rising above the earth. Then it starts reaching towards the sun, towards the moon, towards the stars.

The child is born. Physically he comes into light but spiritually he still remains in darkness. And that darkness can be dispelled only through meditation; hence meditation gives you a second birth. The first birth is physical, the second is spiritual. Physically you are in light, now you need another earth too – so that psychologically spiritually also you are in full light.

Light is another name of existence. The moment you are born into that light you are enlightened. You are not two; you are not the seer and the light is not seen. You become one, you are the light. 

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paragraph courtsey: oshomeditations.com

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