July 24, 2012

Early Potty Training may harm Your Kids

Early potty training before the age of three may harm your kids considerably – suggests a pediatric urologist. It may sound odd to the parents, but they should follow their doctors' suggestion. Dr Steve Hodges, a professor at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, in his book ‘It's No Accident’ described that training the kids too early for potty can lead to more toilet accidents because the bladder may not be strong enough then to properly resist the event. 
Hence, Parents who pressure their children to potty train before the age of three may be hurting them as it can also lead to constipation, kidney damage and even urinary tract infections because the toddlers are hold in their bowel movements longer than they should – the researcher suggests.
Dr Hodges has written the book, “It's No Accident” to make clear the myths that parents should strive to get their children out of diapers and onto toilets at earlier and earlier ages.
Dr. Steve prescribes that babies need to experience 'uninhibited voiding', or elimination, in a way they can respond to their bodies urges in a judicious manner. So, once they fully figure that out, then only parents should bring them to the bathrooms as early potty training may lead to devastating problems in the future.

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