July 18, 2012

Banned Book on Gandhiji still on Sale

It could be termed as unfortunate for people of India as they are unable to hold the dignity of Mahatma Gandhi - the father of nation. Once again, Gandhi became a part of discourse as a banned book on his homosexuality is still on sale. The book ‘Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and his struggle with India’ written by Pulitzer Prize winner Joseph Lelyveld had been banned in Gujarat after the state assembly had unanimously passed a resolution against it on March 30, 2011. The book says that Gandhi was in a homosexual relationship. The book highlighted the relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and his close friend Hermann Kallenbach. 

However, the book is available at bookstore ‘Landmark’ with 50% discount, which suggests that people of Indians are in no mood to respect Gandhi. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi could be questioned regarding the book sale as he is proud to be a Gujarati, but failed to save the greatest son of the state Gandhi during his rule. Modi had shown the pro-Gandhi attitude while banning the book saying the contents of the book were perverse in nature and it hurts the sentiments of Gandhi followers. The Opposition Congress had also backed Modi's decision. 

Just a year after the ban, the book is still on sale at the bookstores.

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