June 6, 2012

Will Facebook disappear by 2020?

While some people think internet is Facebook, it sounds quite odd when the social media analysts believe that the popular social networking site may disappear by the year 2020. 

Analyst Eric Jackson, the founder of investment firm Ironfire Capital said at the ‘Squawk on the Street’, a business show of CNBC on Monday that he believes Facebook will disappear by 2020 as it struggles to monetize the mobile platform. 

The analyst is of the opinion that no company can always continue to be the top business earner in the internet arena as things are changing rapidly. He went further to cite the example of Yahoo, which was the giant of the internet world 12 years back. Although Yahoo is still making a huge amount of money it is merely 10 percent of the value that it was making during 2000 – he submitted. 

Likewise Facebook may also disappear from the sight within coming 5 to 8 years as the company is struggling to monetize its mobile platform despite its 900 plus million subscribers worldwide, which is also the biggest number for any social networking company. 

Eric describes about three web generations, first being the time of Yahoo and its counterparts. But with due course of time Yahoo had to surrender the global leadership to Facebook, the first growing social networking site. 

The analyst hope for an upcoming third generation period in coming 5 to 8 years when someone else will have been taken over Facebook and that time should be a time of monetizing the mobile platform. He feels that at that time Facebook will be seen to be having a hard time. 

By the way Eric also placed the example of Google to explain his statement that how even company like Google even struggled moving into social webs. He hopes an identical situation for Facebook in the coming days when the company will either jump into the mobile world or surrender.

However, it seems that Facebook is smart enough to guess all these future happenings, for which it has started to think over it. First the company acquired the mobile photo sharing app Instagram in last April. Now rumors also says that Facebook is about to push hard for a serious presence in mobile. 

Again, some sources expect that Facebook is also planning to buy Opera Mini or integrating with Apple’s iOS 6. Even some other people hope that it would come with a Facebook phone sooner or later.

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