June 26, 2012

RIM likely to split Business

Canadian Smartphone maker Research in Motion (RIM), who is best known for its BlackBerry phones, is likely to split business. The company may separate its handset manufacturing division from its messaging network and transform itself into an enterprise solutions provider.

As per recent media reports RIM could either break off its handset division into a separate listed company or sell. The possible buyers in this regard may be Amazon or Facebook. RIM's messaging network is also likely to be sold or opened up to its competitors like Apple and Google to generate income. 

However, another report is also doing the rounds in the media that the Waterloo, Ontario-based company may sell only a stake to a larger technology company such as Microsoft Corp.

These planned moves of RIM are a part of its ongoing strategic review of its business and financial performance – report says. The planned restructuring under its new President and CEO Thorsten Heins has been seen as the company's latest strategy as it tries to come out with a successful new set of BlackBerry devices, called BlackBerry 10 soon.

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