June 4, 2012

Advani admits People disappointed with BJP

The rift within the BJP was clearly seen when senior party leader LK Advani targeted party president Nitin Gadkari over the crucial decisions taken during Uttar Pradesh elections. 

He admitted that people were disappointed with the BJP as the party has failed to take leadership when the anger was against the UPA government over various scams and issues. 

He took on Gadkari saying the campaign against corruption had been hurt due to induction of an ousted BSP leader facing graft charges.

Advani expressed his feelings in his blog writing that the mood in BJP is not upbeat. He said that the party had to taste the failure in UP when Gadkari included the tainted politicians into party, who were sacked by Mayawati from her party. 

The leader is also disappointed with Gadkari that how party handled the crisis in Jharkhand and Karnataka. He praised Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj for their performances in two Houses as Leaders of Opposition. 

However, people are disappointed with the party. If people are angry with the UPA government, they are also disappointed with BJP. He said that the situation needs to be introspected.

"When these days media is attacking the UPA government for its string of scams, but at the same time regret that the BJP led NDA is not rising to the occasion, I as a former pressman myself, feel they are reflecting public opinion correctly," he said.

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