May 30, 2012

India becomes Biggest ‘Baby Factory’ for UK

India has become the biggest ‘Baby Factory’ for Britain, a media report has suggested. It claims that UK is the sole biggest source of clients for India's booming 1.5 billion pounds surrogacy industry.

With a remuneration of 6,000 pounds a woman in India donates egg and carries baby as a surrogate mother, the report says. For the whole procedure to get a child (using surrogate mothershi) in India the Britons reportedly pay an average of 25,000 pounds.

"It is estimated that 2,000 births to surrogate mothers took place in the country last year, with most experts agreeing that Britain is the biggest single source of people who want to become parents in this way," the report said.

It should be noted that British women are banned from accepting surrogate motherhood. However, many top professionals including bankers, senior civil servants, executives at multinational companies and even National Health Service (NHS) doctors have taken the opportunity to become parents through surrogacy in India, as per the report.

There are nearly 1,000 unregulated clinics to support surrogated motherhood in India, many of which help Britons become parents.

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