May 10, 2012

Facebook launches own App Centre

Social network giant Facebook announced on Wednesday that it is building its own app center. Besides providing a lot of new apps, the new app centre will also enable paid Facebook apps for the first time.

The app centre is a new tool to discover the best apps, games and services available at the social network. It will come out as an important feature of the website as well as the apps for iOS and Android.

At present users of Facebook are using the same search bar they use to find people, groups and events to search an app. But after the launch they will be provided with a complete dashboard with details and ratings for each app.

The dashboard will show a list of top apps, exhibiting apps as per the user’s own usage patterns.

The new app centre is expected to be the zone to find great apps like Draw Something, Pinterest, Spotify, Battle Pirates, Viddy, and Bubble Witch Saga. Every app will have also an app detail page to describe what exactly makes an app unique.

The company will also let developers charge a one-off fee to use their service through Facebook. Earlier Facebook had launched the Facebook’s Open Graph initiative. It encouraged many top content providers to amalgamate their services into Facebook which also appeared at their Timeline or within the Live Ticker.

The new app of Facebook will also introduce paid apps on that will offer a new opportunity for Facebook developers to monetize their Facebook accounts. However Facebook will collect a 30% cut from each of these transactions.

Facebook is rapidly growing to meet the ever increasing passion of its users as well as introducing revolutionary facilities to attract even new surfers to enter its world. In this attempt, it seems very interesting to know about the new app centre.

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