April 23, 2012

Robotic Surgery - Less Pain, Small Incisions

Robotic surgery is getting more appreciation and acceptance day by day both by the patients and the surgeons. This technical surgery is preferred as it involves less pain and small incisions with considerably shorter hospital stay time.

It is a common thinking that when our ailing body will be surrendered to a machine (Robot) during a surgery it may commit wrongs or negligence because of various reasons such as – if it was not programmed properly or because it does not has a mind to think.

But we should know that the surgeon is in full control of the robot and further the system cannot be programmed and it cannot act without the surgeon’s directions. In this way it is not far away from a manual hand operated surgery.

Rather, with the robotic surgery one will avail the benefit of having smaller incisions with less loss of blood. It will also allow you faster return to your normal life.

In a robot operated surgery small cuts are made to establish miniature instruments inside the body. The surgeon is seated at the console and views a magnified, hi-tech 3 D image of the inner body, the surgical site.

The hand movement of the surgeon on the console is transferred as commands, by which the surgical instruments will make the precise micro-movements.

The surgeon robot, which is called ‘Da Vinci Si surgical system’ consists of a set of four arms, two to operate, one to grip the camera and the fourth one for assistance. These arms are mounted on a podium and are controlled by the doctor sitting at the console.

The doctor’s console consists of an eye piece which gives a 3D view of the pictures brought by the camera and two joy-sticks to move the robot’s arms.

In fact the tiny robotic instruments allow surgeons to perform complicated dissections with more accuracy then they would be able through traditional surgery. Again, the robotic technology does away with natural hand tremors that a surgeon might have, adding improved accuracy to the surgery and less pain with minor blood loss for the patient.

Robotic surgery is a remarkable amalgamation of highly developed technology and finely tuned skills.

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