April 5, 2012

Nasal Spray to combat Heart Disease!

Researchers have suggested that a nasal spray to combat Heart disease could be on the market in five years that could remove fat in arteries which actually elevates the risk of heart attacks.

‘The Mirror’ has reported that researchers of the Lund University in Sweden went through an experiment to find a way to combat with the heart disease. They applied a certain vaccine on some mice and found that it could diminish plaque by 60 to 70 percent.

Using the same vaccine a trial on 144 heart disease sufferers is in progress in the US and Canada. The vaccine can either be injected to the body or it can be used as a nasal spray. The same vaccine has not been named yet and it is hoped that it could be licensed within five years.


Once the vaccine is used as a nasal spray it will stimulate the body’s immune system to restrain the production of antibodies which are responsible for increase of fatty deposits in arteries called plaque. These fatty deposits or plaques put strain on the heart by tightening the arteries and forcing it to pump far harder.

Researchers found that the new treatment was much more effective in removing fat from arteries than the established methods but it is equally true that the vaccine will be much costlier.

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