April 6, 2012

Kids advised not to take Soft Drinks daily

Kids are advised not to take soft drinks on regular basis as they may develop heart ailments and high blood pressure in their future – a new study has suggested.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has reported that Researchers from the Westmead Millennium Institute for Medical Research from the University of Sydney have advised children to limit their daily dose of consumption of soft drinks as they found that the children who drank one or more soft drinks each day be likely to have narrower arteries (on their eyes). Narrowing of the arteries is a clear symptom of a future cardiovascular complains.

This recent study has confirmed the findings of an earlier research of 2007 which was conducted on people who drank soda every day. It had concluded that those who drank soda every day, including the diet soda, were more likely to develop heart disease.

The WebMD website cited diction of Ramachandran Vasan, the lead author of the study that even one soda per day is enough to increase the risk of developing metabolic syndrome up to 50 per cent.

This recent study was conducted on about 2,000 kids aged 12-years and was an extension of another research project.

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