April 2, 2012

Indians prefer Emails over Social Networking

According to a recent survey, Indians mostly prefer e-mails over social networking sites for the communications with people while the micro-blogging sites are dominating the world.

The survey conducted by Ipsos, a Research firm, has suggested that about 68 percent of the surfers in India prefer e-mails over social networking sites for communication.

Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are very much popular in India like so many other countries, but still people has showed their top loyalty to email when it comes to communication.

The survey came out with the digit that while the maximum 68 percent of the Indian Internet users prefer e-mail, 60 percent of them go for social networking sites for communication.

Internet users across the world also prefer e-mail to social networking sites like India. Around 85% of them use e-mail as their medium of communication and 60 percent of them prefer communication through social networking sites.

The survey further predicted that 103.6 million people should go online in 2012 and by 2015, the number is said to jump to 221.6 million. One of the best reasons for this huge increase of internet users is the growing usage of Smartphones in the country.

Ipsos has suggested in another survey that about 40 million Indians access the internet through their Smartphones.

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