March 30, 2012

Get a Family Doctor @ Rs 8,000 Per Year

In an attempt to provide individual patient oriented family healthcare service, the Srikon Healthcare Services Limited of Hyderabad has launched a scheme to provide family doctors.

The patients can avail treatment from the family doctor by dint of an annual subscription package of Rs 8,000-Rs 10,000.

The concept of family doctor is an old one. There are certain benefits of having a family doctor. In this case the doctor individually takes care of the specific patient. Hence, he would have always a firsthand knowledge of the heath status of the patient.

The benefit of knowing the medical history of the patient solves a lot of problems that arises during an acute medical emergency.

Again, it is also true that besides the medicine, the doctor’s attachment with the patient is also a basic factor in healing. But in these days, often doctors don’t bother for this emotional angle.

The healthcare service was launched on Wednesday under which the families can avail the service with an annual subscription from the in-house doctors of the medical centre who will be individually assigned for specific patients.

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