February 7, 2012

Why Girls hate Mama's Boys?

There is a difference between a man who respects and loves his mother, and a mama's boy. A mama’s boy runs everything by his mother to get approval or permission, whereas a man values and appreciates his mother's opinions and input on things going on in his life.

There is an old saying, “you can always tell if a man will make a good husband by the way he treats his mother".

When a girl is in a relationship with a boy, she never appreciates the peripheral intervention from anyone, be it a father, sibling etc. A mama’s boy will allow his mother to interfere in every phase of his life. It’s not hard to understand why girls don’t like mama’s boys.

Girls hate mama’s boy because many of them are gross and nasty. Mama’s boys are those boys that can't do a damn thing without their mother's knowledge. However it is not bad to talk to their mother and all, but there are some stuff a boy has to keep to himself.

A mama’s boy is someone who is always answering to and catering to all his mother’s requests. They put their mother’s first, before anything else. And any girl in their life feels second to them and therefore doesn’t appreciate and like it.

Many girls like to sort of be in command of her boy. They don’t want to tell him everything and control every single thing he does, but she wants to know that she can control him in some ways. A mama’s boy can only be controlled in the same sense by his mother. This thus results in an abrasion between the two and that’s why a woman wouldn’t choose a mama’s boy as a would-be boyfriend.

No one likes to be judged, but in the case of a girl who is in a relationship with a mama’s boy, she will be judged all the time. A girl would like to be top priority in her man’s life and the mama’s boy doesn’t make room for this need. For him, his mother is the center of his universe.

Girls never like if her boy tells his mother about their fights and even complains to his mother.  And worse, mother takes girl to task for it, hinting that she should keep him in the manner to which he is accustomed.

Girls always like hearing a potential mate speak about his mother in a caring and respectful manner. But a man who talks a little too much about his mother will raise a “mama’s boy” flag in any girl’s mind and they really hate them.

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