February 17, 2012

Sheryln Chopra - The Hot and Bold Actress

Sheryln Chopra aka Mona Chopra is the new sex bomb of Bollywood. She has also created a big buzz on the web with her hot and nude pictures. She never impressed with her acting, but always remained in the news as the queen of glamour.

Sheryln is a model turned actress and is one of the hottest new faces in Hindi film industry. Chopra's early acting career was mainly in the B-grade Bollywood films. She has so far acted in the films Naughty Boy, Jawani Diwani, Game, Red Swastik, Beeper, Time Pass and Dosti.

She was first time noticed in ‘Dil bole Hadippa’in 2009. Sheryln is a complete shameless girl before camera which is the best professional requirement to be a model who wants her career as a hot and sexy actor/model. Hence, many directors and model-makers have started to think and put Sheryl in place of Mallika Sherawat.

Sheryln was born to George/Amitabh Chopra and Susan Chopra in Hyderabad in 1984. She has a brother and a sister, DJ Sharon. She did her schooling from Stanley Girls High School. She is said to be a little Christian, also somehow related to Muslim and also with a Persian ancestry. But she is a more Christian.

On May 26 2010 Sheryln posted some of her sexy nude pics on twitter which she claimed there to be the work of her best friend and renowned photographer Vishal Saxena. These pics, which later were deleted by Twitter, had at that time created a buzz on the Internet.

Besides acting and modeling Sheryl is also hit and hot at singing. So far she has released two musicals namely Outrageous and Dard-e-Sheryln.

Hot Sheryln claims that her real name was always Sheryln, and it was for a director that she had to live for a long period as Mona Chopra before again coming with her original identity/name, Sheryln.

Mona/Sheryln Chopra MMS had also created a buzz on the web months before. Although these pics were recognized by some tech-know people as doctored and morphed in the editing table, it had flooded her with huge popularity from her fans across the world.

There is a popular norm among the strugglers of Bollywood that ‘do something out of track and catchy to avail a career in Bollywood, lest you will be lost in the huge crowd unnoticed.’ Perhaps Sheryln has felt it very much and till today has already made a place for her in Bollywood’s film and modeling world.

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