February 21, 2012

RIM sets up BlackBerry Server in Mumbai

Canadian major Research In Motion (RIM) has finally installed its server in Mumbai following much pressure from the government to provide a mechanism for interception of BlackBerry messenger services and enterprise email.

During a high level meeting, the Home Secretary hoped that the Company will allow for direct linkage for lawful interception of its data. After RIM, Nokia has been asked to install its servers following the similar policy.

Earlier, the government had raised a red flag over and BlackBerry's operations in India after the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. However, BlackBerry said that India cannot access the encrypted email on its devices saying it is not technologically feasible.

RIM had agreed to install a 'network data analysis system' in India to provide lawful access to its consumer services. The security agencies can check the BlackBerry data while investigating.

Even though, the government had threatened to ban BlackBerry services in India, RIM had denied to provide the access of the email services to the security agencies as the company has certain rules.

RIM operates in 175 countries and the onus lies to provide its customers a secured service. However, the government said that the security agencies should be allowed to monitor information on BlackBerry devices to intercept any conversation or message of any subscriber whenever required.

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