February 18, 2012

India's First Tablet Magazine - 'Tweak'

‘Tweak’ - the first ever Tablet Magazine of India was launched on Wednesday. Times Internet Limited (TIL) has developed ‘Tweak’ in partnership with GENWI, a cloud-based publishing company.

The magazine can be accessed through iPad. However it is expected to be launched for the iPhone and Android devices soon.

‘Tweak’ will cover articles on different subjects including business, entertainment, lifestyle and sports from around the world. Coming one step forward in media technology, this tablet magazine will not only bring out text-articles, rather it will also publish listenable and watchable pieces.

‘Tweak’ will allow the readers/listeners to share their favorites from the magazine through social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter. They can also a share their feedback with the ‘Tweak’ team.

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