February 16, 2012

5 Ways a Woman can establish her Identity

Establishing identity is always an issue of apprehension for many women. When a woman gets married and starts a family, she suffers a loss of their uniqueness and identity.

She is expected to be a nurturer, mother, housekeeper, teacher, cook, doctor, and a chauffeur. Many women who are asked by their family to give up their jobs or studies after marriage do experience a sense of identity loss.

When a woman have a solid, clear and concise awareness of her world view, she can consciously make solid and clear preferences of what she says yes and no to her boundaries.  A woman knows what is right and wrong for her. She knows who she is, and it becomes easier to act and behave in a way that is in procession with how she wants to be in Integrity and reliability.

Here are the five ways a woman can establish her identity:

1) To have a powerful identity means that one carries an air of command and be looked upon by those around them. This powerful identity can be churned out of a powerful character which is built on the pillars of self acceptance, self esteem and confidence. Once these pillars are established using the cement of dignity, a woman is a capable individual and can set up her identity in the society.

2) Many women are also quite happy to submit to the say-so of the husbands and let them decide what is good and bad for them. This joy of submission is a disadvantage and weakness from the point of view of identity and individuality. It must be given up by women, if they are to stand on their own feet and to establish their own identity.

3) Changing social trends are also giving women the freedom to develop their identity. There are many daughters-in-law in India lived under the domination of the Mothers-in-law and hardly had any freedom to act independently. She obeyed the instructions of the mother-in-law and there is no hope of developing any identity.

But now joint families are breaking up and nuclear families have increased in numbers and so married women have a lot more freedom of choice now. They can have their own point of view upon life and choose among many options before them regarding jobs, children education, family expenses and interior decoration etc.

4) Hasty social changes in women's career and family roles are accompanied by a momentous changeover in their attitude towards their all over identity. Education and culture are important aspect of establishing an identity of women. Research in the last decade highlighted the complex relationships between a woman's objective roles and her subjective attitudes regarding these roles affect her overall life satisfaction and sense of identity in society.

5) For many women, a working career is what gives them a sense of being and purpose and identity that is elevating and inspiring. Women should understand the rights given by constitution of India. To follow their rights such as Right to education and Right to work, helps women to stand on her own and establish her identity in this male dominating society.

Despite the consequences of religious differences, caste, class or tradition demands on the way, there are many women who live their lives from the clothes they can wear, to their mobility, the kind of jobs they take up and so. A milieu which conditions women to think of themselves only as being of facsimile will in the long run, choke their personality and lead to the crisis of their identity.

Tradition is very strong in India and dictates many aspects of our lives. There are hundreds of women who suffer from identity crisis in India. Before marriage, her identity is of someone’s daughter, who has to do everything with the consent of her parents and after marriage, her husband is the regulator. But nothing is going to happen if woman doesn’t exist.

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