January 16, 2012

Extra-Marital: Unethical or Personal Choice?

Extramarital affairs have been prevalent in our society for a long time. The only difference is that now they are being talked about more candidly and bluntly.

The reasons of extra-marital could be diversified such as incompatibility, financial issues, insecurity, abusing, tangentially opposite backgrounds, age differences, etc.

Extra-marital affairs are not just restricted to physical involvement, as a number of men and women are known to resort to other means such as cyber affairs or emotional affairs. The extra marital affairs can occur both in arranged marriages and love marriages.

Happiness in the marital life is depending both on mentally and physically side of the couple. If one of the both sides is missing, the relationship is not complete. This is just because they haven’t understood each other before and after the marriage.

Cheating your partner is wrong in every ways, but if there is no mutual understanding, faith and trust, and love does not exist, then choosing another partner who listens to you, care for you is not unethical.

For some people it is unethical, but many times it is a personal choice of an individual. An affair can be very exciting and provide you with many things that are lacking from your current love life, but this is where the danger and risk can start. The definite fact is that it is the temperament of human being that many married people wants an extramarital affair may be in conscious way or unconscious way.

In many cases, there is remarkable harm done to the sense of trust between the partners that may never be recovered. Further, the individuals involved have compromised their personal integrity and must live with that very serious blemish for the rest of their lives. This is a heavy personal burden knowing they have acted deceitfully and are now untrustworthy when trust matters most.

Justifying Extra-marital is not easy for anyone, as different people have diverse perceptions about it. Where many consider it as a personal choice, many believe that it is unethical. After all it is a personal choice of every individual to spend their life according to their desire and will.

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