January 19, 2012

Can We imagine a World without Internet?

The Internet has narrowed the "communication gap" across the world. From banking sector to Journalism and from entertainment world to advertisement zone, Internet has become an unavoidable necessity.

The debate for the existence of internet has cropped up from the recent issue of SOPA and PIPA in USA. Internet provides the fastest, worldwide and two way communication facilities. Somewhere, there is a fear that people may get united and stand against the injustice with the help of internet.

People at the highest level are trying to deal with the issue with an iron hand. And, this is the case elsewhere in the world. They think it's possible to avoid the Internet. But the truth is that – yes, we can live without Internet , but this step will throw us to the old stone age; or if not to the old stone age, at least a century back.

Thanks to Microsoft that presented us Windows, thanks to Google, which sent us to a world of multi-tasking in surfing like emails, search and News and thanks to Facebook, which provided the best and most popular social networking on the Web and last but not least, Wikipedia, which offered us abundant free, online knowledge for reference purpose.

We availed the benefit of Internet in the last part of the twentieth Century, which actually flourished to its zenith in the present century. With the kind of rapid growth of Internet we see today, it is expected that people will depend more and more on Web in the coming days.

For the students and Media persons who vividly depend on internet, they have prescribed to re-enter to the world of books and library of encyclopedia. But our point here is that – does that hard copy bunch of books also have a facility of search engine?

Search engine provides the fastest and the most convenient way to reach to the point what exactly we need. It saves abundant time and effort. So, opting for the Internet version in the system is far better than wasting time in hard copies.

In this world, everybody has an excuse for his deed or you can say misdeed. A killer advocates his killing taking the excuse of revenge, some people want the excuse exhibiting the phrase, and ‘everything is fair in war and love’.

Thus, people will also provide logical answers supporting the view that we can live without Internet, but hard truth is that we cannot imagine a world without Internet and still if we think so, then we are just fooling ourselves.

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